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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Richard has a bad back...again

As most of my long-suffering family and work colleague know, I hurt my back a couple of weeks ago (not doing anything in particular, it just got more sore over a couple of days - culminating in a long visit to Ikea that was just too much for it - even though I was just walking around, no lifting at all).

The result is that I am avoiding sitting down and am instead either standing, lying down or walking around and bothering the rest of my family when they are at home. As we don't have much of a sitting room (see extension news elsewhere on this blog), I am not able to watch TV much, so mainly reading, listeing to the radio or watching DVDs on our trusty portable DVD player. I have watched all 15 episodes of Bleak House, and have finished the box set of season one of The West Wing that I got for my birthday last year, but no one but me ever wanted to watch.

Accessing the net is possible, but as I have to stand at my desk with keyboard and mouse propped up on cardboard boxes, it is quite uncomfortable after a while - and I am trying to do a bit of work as well, to help out with the project I was supposed to be full time on before I hurt my back, so after doing an hour of work-related standing, I don't feel much like doing more of it for fun.

Meanwhile, I have been to the doctor twice (painkillers and 2 week sick note) and the physio 4 times (exercises, manipulation and even acupuncture, which i haven't had before), plus now and then a builder or two pop in to do something noisy, so no time to get bored. Except that on Saturday mornings, no one but me wants to get up at 0630 to take tablest walk about to warm up my back and get mobile, so might as well write my blog before persuading Jane to help me get in the bath.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sad to know about you back...

Have you read this my friend [I took a stab at fiction - facts weren't helping me anymore]

1:23 PM  

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