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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Network Storage with a SLUG?

The Thinkpad has run out of space (it only has a 60Gb disk, and 24 Gb of that is music), so I need to move my iTunes music onto an external hard drive. Luckily, I have a work supplied USB hard drive which is 40Gb, so moving the music to that would work, but that is really for backups, so I need to get a home based hard drive - then I could also backup Jane's school laptop. So a hunt around amazon turned up the very interesting Linksys NSLU2 (or "slug" as it is nicknamed), which is actually a little Linux box! You hook up a hard drive (or two) to it and it sits happily on your network, serving up files. And if you really want, you can install things like a media server on it to stream music over your LAN also - or even go mad, replace the Linksys firmware with a Linux build called unslung and make it an all purpose linux server that acts as a print server, web server, mail server or anything you want. And the little thing is smaller than an old videotape and costs about 50! How cool is that? The hard disk was a Western Digital 320Gb USB for 70, so all in all, lost of fun.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Second Life Conferencing

I have got into Second Life, and today went to a conference there. Very immersive and hard work.