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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Holiday Reading

just got back from holiday, and still unpacking. As usual, I took loads of books, so that I always have a choice (and some left-over ones to read on my return). The ones I did read included:

A Pelican at Blandings - P G Wodehouse (classic farce that needs no effort)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - J K Rowling (I re-read the HP Books 5,6 before the holiday, and this wrapped all the loose ends up nicely)

The Last Testament - Sam Bourne (Not so good as the Righteous Men, which I read last year, but a good page-turning plot to relax with)

The Music of the Primes - Marcus du Sautoy (Some maths to make me think, even though much of it was well beyond me)

DC Universe: The Stories of Alan Moore - Alan Moore (what is a holiday without some comics - even if they are bound as a graphic novel to appear more adult)

Albion - Alan Moore (...more of the comics)

Carter Beats The Devil - Glen David Gold (still reading this, but looking good so far - on Phil's recommendation)

The Cloudspotter's Guide - Gavin Pretor-Pinney (more for dipping into, useful to confirm that few of the clouds we saw would result in any rain).


Blogger RNB said...

I'm not sure you were expecting any comment here ... but:
Wodehouse - too much effort for me (too English?)
Harry Potter - childish nonsense (maybe it's meant to be)
All "Thrillers" - don't thrill me
Marcus du Sautoy - that does (!)
Alan Moore - this is the one that prompted this comment really. I would never have guessed that you were a fan. I'm genuinely surprised. And impressed :)

10:10 PM  

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