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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Christmas 2004 Year End Round Up

It seems that every year we get another person starting to send us their year end round robin letter, so it seems a good idea to create the web equivalent - but since this whole weblog is full of pictures and events from this year, this entry tires to pull out the best stuff. So here are the year highlights from us...

Iraq Vet of the Year
In October Marcus returned safely from his 6 month tour in Iraq, thoroughly recomending Al Amarah as a sure fire way to lose weight, get fit and top up that tan.

Software of the Year

Get Firefox!

In November, Release 1.0 of Firefox was released - a simple to install replacement for Internet Explorer, but without the security holes that mean you have to keep downloading patches - plus it blocks pop-up windows and it's more fun, with tabbed browsing (just try it).

Album of the Year

A bit of discussion of this topic among the family...