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Monday, May 31, 2004

Susie's Birthday

We went next door for Susie's birthday party. Here's the birthday girl:

...and here are some the beautiful guests she invited:

Rhiannon goes to Cub Camp...

Rhiannon went to Downe Scout Camp for the weekend, with a large rucksac:

...and we went to visit on Sunday. Here is Rhiannon having lunch by the campfire...

...and here is Carys with her lunch:

Saturday, May 22, 2004

Comment on this stuff

The clever girls and boys at Blogger have added comments capabilities, so now you get to disagree with my ravings about how great the new Franz Ferdinand CD is, and suggest (if you are Carys) that actually Busted are the true zeitgeist capturing band. So be quick and click on the link below (and no bad words).

FA Cup Day
It's FA Cup day and Millwall are off to Cardiff to play Man U at the Millenium Stadium. Last night on BBC London News they interviewed a Millwall fan about the increased security and how that would affect his day. He was quite a well built chap and replied "We are going to start off really early, leave home at 6.30...and meet for breakfast in the Cafe across the road, then we'll make our way to Paddington and hopefully catch the 9.00 train" after 2.5 hrs travel he'll have made it as far as the centre of London (with a good breakfast inside him)!