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Monday, August 25, 2003

Holiday in France
We spent two weeks in August living in this beach front house in Portiragnes Plage - we rented the ground floor from the owner, Mme Bertrand, who lives on the 1st/2nd floor in the summer.

It faces onto the Boulevard de Front de la Mer, the other side of which is the beach, so it was fantastic for the girls.

On the way down, we went to Clermont-Ferrand, in the Auvergne, where we went up the highest volcanic peak, Puy de Dome (its the one on the Volvic mineral water bottle)

View from the top, looking along the range of vocanic peaks:

Jane looking very serious at the top:

...while Rhiannon and Carys are silly with sugar:

As well as spending lots of time on the beach, we went for the day to Figeures, in Spain, to the Salvador Dali museum there.

Where Carys bought a Dali moustache:

...and Rhiannon bumped into a girl wearing the same dress (Rhiannon is the one in the shop):