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Saturday, February 16, 2002

Rhiannon's new words...

Rhiannon needs to update her page - here is what she will change it to:

I am a girl and my name is Rhiannon. I have brown hair, fair skin, and I am 8 years old.

I like red yellow purple and silver. My favorite animals are deer, horses, zebras, pandas and dogs.

My best TV programmes are My Family, Blue Peter and Top of The Pops 2. Books that I like are Harry Potter and Redwall.

My school is called St Anselms. I am in Year 3 right now and my teacher is called Mrs McCauley - I also have Mrs Carter and Miss Hogg.
I live in Streatham which is in London.

Thursday, February 14, 2002

Final Test of the Day

And so to bed...goodnight (and check the time came out as London time this time).

More Testing

Just checking a news link to the BBC site publishes ok...BBC News | SCI/TECH | Britain's net champions named

Test Blog

The first blog entry - just to see if it works. Here's a link to the site home page.