Sunday, September 28, 2008

joe moore

Joe Moore

Undercover spy

In the front row of Mr. Wesley’s class .I was writing my latest novel on ‘’ how to write to a spy’’ when I rudely interrupted by my annoying partner ‘’it’s nearly the end of term’’ he squeaked.

The bell chimed that was the bell that I had been waiting for the whole boring lesson in Mr. Wesley’s geography class it was like a tramped of elephants when I went through the rusty gate.

I wasn’t looking forward to coming back but I still like the holidays I was walking down my road when Tim was outside of my house. Talking to my Mum he was always up to something and whenever he talked to my mum, my mum would fall for it and the next thing you know there back together again and we would have money problems. This time I had enough of him I was going to find out his plan.


Mum was acting strangely this morning she seemed a lot more stricter than she used to be but Jim wasn’t there I asked my mum ‘’where’s Jim ‘’I wondered ‘’ he is at work can’t you do something better than asking me questions I am doing something ‘’ she said rudely I wandered off this was going to be such a bad holiday imagine seeing them together It made me sick jut imaging it I went outside in to the garden it was much better than seeing them two snog each other this summer holiday did not turn out as I expected it would be I was beginning to get really angry with mum she had just let this freak into my house. If she carried on then I would explode I tried to calm down but thoughts just came into my head such as why is he here but I couldn’t think my mind blocked my trail of thought what was the point in staying where I was not wanted I jump over the gate like a primary school sports day but I couldn’t survive out there I was just a weakling of the class no way I would just have to sort something out if that could be possible.

Mum was talking on the phone while I got a bottle of coke mum hang up the phone as if something was important ‘’there’s no easy way to break it to you Joe me and Jim have decided for you to go to a boarding school for our relationship as well as your schooling’’ mum said it to me very sternly as if I was just going to say ok to it but no he couldn’t lie ‘’why mum is it because you want to snog that scumbag Tim all day long’’ I shouted out ‘’what he is very loyal’ shouted mum ‘’how many wives has he had 1234567 and you still trust him next thing you know you’ll give him all your will’’ I replied ‘’GET TO YOUR ROOM AND START PACKING NOW’’ Joe ran as fast as he could dodging Tim immediately without a second thought he packed any thing he could find that he would need for whatever boarding school he would go to surprisingly the next day i was pushed of on a shabby old train all the way into Cambridge apparently I was going to a posh school called jame's manor a[ school for troubled boys ] but strangley enough i was actualy looking forward to the school [how badly i can imagine]